Pathway Community Programs

Pathway Community Programs facilitates and oversees the operation of free programs for children and caregivers residing in the Mississauga communities of Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill.

Pathway Community Programs was incorporated in 2003. It was originally part of Pathway Nonprofit Community Developments Inc., which has built two not-for-profit apartment complexes in Mississauga – Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill. These two complexes are the primary focus of Pathway Community Programs but parents and children in their surrounding neighbourhoods are welcome and active participants in its clubs. The first program to be started was the Breakfast Club at Forest Ridge. It began in 1991, followed by the Breakfast Club at Arbour Mill in 1994. These programs have run continuously throughout the school year since they were started. Forest Ridge is the longest operating breakfast program in Peel. Some of our children have gone through its program from elementary school through to high school graduation.

The founder of the clubs, Audrey Pritchard

After whom they are named, realized the value of a good breakfast on the health and educational well-being of children. With the help of other volunteers she set up these clubs to ensure that children in the vicinity of Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill would not go to school hungry.

Programs at a glance

The Audrey Pritchard Breakfast Clubs

Nutritional breakfasts are served every weekday morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. during the school year. Studies have proven that children having a healthy breakfast helps improve their learning. During the school year, Breakfast Club operates 5 days per week at the Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill locations. In total, approximately 1000 breakfasts are served each month by these clubs. In addition, lunch food is supplied to children who need it. Pathway employs part-time staff to run its programs. A coordinator for each Breakfast Club, assisted by volunteers, serve breakfasts and prepare lunches to go. To ensure the continuation of these clubs, volunteers come from the faith communities of Solel Synagogue, the Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga, Streetsville United Church, The Sanctuary and local high schools.

Homework Club

Children in grades 3-6 can get the help they need with their homework Monday-Friday after school from 3:30–5:30 P.M. during the school year. This program is provided in partnership with the Aspire Safe City Mississauga Program. Check in September for the days of operation at Forest Ridge.

Aspire is a no-cost, high quality, after-school tutoring program for children (K-6) provided in priority neighbourhoods in Mississauga.

By improving academic achievement and building peer relationships, Aspire helps students reach their full potential. Students who love school are less likely to drop out of school and to engage in criminal activities. Parents of Aspire not only reported improved academic grades and social skills but also reported having increased quality time with their children due to faster homework completion.

Child & Parent Centres

Pathway Community Programs also works in partnership with the Bridgeway Family Centre, which operates Early Years satellite centres for pre-school children ages 0-6 years and their parent/guardians, half day per week at both Forest Ridge.

Children MUST be accompanied by a caregiver. Family Time drop-in programs are held on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 – 12:00, year round.

Family Kitchen

Family Kitchen is a program which offers parents with children (0-6 years) an opportunity to learn cooking skills, prepare nutritious, low-cost meals and provides the family with at least one healthy meal per week. Children attend a playgroup during the cooking portion of the program. Parents and children come together for the meal portion of the program where children learn about healthy mealtime routines.


Meal planning, good nutrition, social eating skills for children and shopping tips are the offered at this program which is held every Tuesday from 9:30-12:30. Pre-registration is required for families.

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Pathway Community Programs is committed to providing support for children and their caregivers residing within the Pathway Non-profit Community Developments buildings and surrounding communities by overseeing the operation of programs to enhance nutrition, education and parenting skills.

Our Supporters

The primary supporters for these programs are: Streetsville United Church, Solel Synagogue & Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga. All of our programs are generously assisted by Foodpath, Boys and Girls Club Breakfast For Kids, Ontario Early Years, EMYOP and the Breakfast with Santa Foundation.