About Us

Affordable Housing in Peel Region...

Welcome to Pathway Non-Profit Community Developments Inc. of Peel (Pathway). We are an interfaith non-profit corporation dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable housing to families in the Peel region. Our two buildings, Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill, house 230 families and are funded by rental income and a government subsidy.

At Pathway, we prioritize the well-being of our residents by setting aside a reserve fund each year to cover the cost of future major replacements. If expenses increase substantially, we may need to adjust rents or reduce the level of service and improvements, but we always strive to maintain our buildings in the most efficient way possible.

Our team consists of a General Manager, Property Administrator, Superintendent, and Cleaner, each with their own unique roles and responsibilities. Our General Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the buildings and ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our Property Administrator handles resident inquiries, rent calculations, and rent collection. Our Superintendent manages day-to-day maintenance and coordinates work with outside contractors, while our Cleaner keeps our common areas and vacant units spotless.

To get in touch with us, please visit our Head Office at Arbour Mill building. Our Property Administrator divides their time between offices at Forest Ridge and Arbour Mill as required, so it’s recommended to make an appointment in advance if you’d like to discuss any tenancy issues in person.

Thank you for considering Pathway as your housing provider. We are committed to providing safe, affordable, and welcoming homes for families in need.

The company's innovative approach to property management has resulted in the creation of vibrant and inclusive communities where residents feel valued
and empowered.

Pathway Property Management is a shining example of how private sector organizations can make a positive impact in society by leveraging their resources to address critical social issues. By providing quality and affordable housing solutions that nurture community and wellbeing, Pathway Property Management is playing a critical role in shaping the future of affordable housing in many communities.

Expert property management for affordable housing.

The Pathway Team

The Pathway team is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our residents and maintaining our buildings in the most efficient way possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Head Office at Arbour Mill building or make an appointment to meet with our Property Administrator. Thank you for considering Pathway as your housing provider, and we look forward to providing you with a safe, affordable, and welcoming home.