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You can make a difference. Pathway needs your membership! Pathway is a major social action and outreach initiative. Founded over 30 years ago, Pathway is Peel Region’s largest non-profit, non-government affordable housing development. Behind Pathway are three faith-based partners: Solel Congregation of Mississauga, Streetsville United Church, and Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga.

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As a non-profit corporation we need your membership to support and ensure that 230 families have decent and affordable housing in Peel Region. If you make a separate gift to Pathway Community Programs, you will also be supporting breakfast programs and social activities for children and seniors.

We are proud of our Pathway effort — help us grow!. There have been many success stories among Pathway families who have worked hard to improve their financial situation so they no longer need government rent subsidies. Additionally, prior to Covid-19 our buildings were a hub of community activity and will be again. Check out the Pathway web site at to get all the details of Pathway, its history and activity. Please become a Pathway Member for this year. Becoming a member entitles you to vote at our annual meeting to be held in May. Your membership does not mean that you automatically become a volunteer at Pathway unless you want more involvement with this inspiring initiative.

Please help Pathway today by completing and submitting the online form below, together with $10 per membership. We also welcome larger gifts. Because of our status as a non-profit corporation, we cannot offer tax receipts.

Also, you are invited to gift to Pathway Community Programs whose programs help many tenants, their families and neighbouring children in the area.

*Please Note: The best ways to transact your membership fee or gift is via PayPal (supports credit card payments) and Interac. Click here to go to PayPal page or send an email Interac to